In the media

August 2012

Parents expecting more from babysitters - and paying more too - by Globe & Mail. Details here

June 2012

Some sites argue that finding a babysitter, for example, should never be taken lightly. says you should always request identity and criminal record checks before giving a sitter a key and letting stay with your kids. Details here

May 2012

Where to find summer sitters? On SOSsitter of course :). As reported on Details here

December 2011

Great article in Saturday's National Post on the state of today's babysitting. SOSsitter is mentioned as a reference to find neighboring sitters quickly.. Details here

February 2011

If you are a parent, you've probably been in a situation where you were in desperate need of a babysitter or nanny. One Montreal woman has taken that conundrum, and turned it into a business. . Details here

September 2010

New Babysitting Site Means You Might Actually Be Able to Leave the House. Details here

June 2010

SOS Sitter is a great site for working mothers who are looking for babysitters. SOS Sitter offers a safe and reliable setting where parents and sitters can meet. There is also an interviewing process that ensures an effective and smooth first encounter between the two parties.. Details here

April 2010

If no one around you is available to babysit your kids, check out SOS Sitter, a website that connects sitters and parents. For a monthly or yearly fee, you will have access to a list of candidates, which will give you a good start in finding an amazing sitter!. Details here