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What is SOSsitter?

It is an online service that assists in making contact between families who are looking for caregivers and caregivers who want to offer their services in child care (babysitters and nannies), senior care, special needs care (children & adults), pet care, housekeeping.

What type of services does SOSsitter offer?

SOSsitter is not a staffing agency and does not employ any caregivers. Candidates found on the site offer their services directly to families and individuals. Caregivers on SOSsitter can provide one or more of the following services: Child care, senior care, special needs care, pet sitting, housekeeping.

Does SOSsitter select caregivers?

No, any caregiver wishing to offer their services can register on the site. Howevever, every registered profile is manually read and approved by a Mom from our all Mom editorial team for the quality of the service offered. Each caregiver's profile contains personal information, qualifications, experiences, references, an indication if the caregiver holds a criminal record check. It is for families to make their selection based on the profile and other tools available. We recommend following our Selection Process.

How can you assure me that my private information is secure?

It is a policy of SOSsitter not to disclose any of your information to its members and does not share your personal information with any third party. Please consult our Confidentiality Policy page for more information.

What are the fees to join the SOSsitter?

If you are a family, our subscriptions are:

Monthly - fc = $25,60 / month
Monthly = $32,00 / month
Quarterly - fc = $45,00 / quarter
Quarterly = $57,00 / quarter
Annuel - fc = $72,00 / year
Annuel = $96,00 / year

(Prices are in canadian dollars)

The service is free for caregivers who offer child care, senior care services, special needs care, pet sitting, housekeeping.

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How much a subscription to SOSsitter costs?

It's FREE for all caregivers (nannies, babysitters, senior caregivers, special needs caregivers, pet sitters, housekeepers) to register and create their detailed profile.

How do I know how many jobs are available in my area?

You can search by postal code from your account at SOSsitter to find out how many posts are displayed in your area. You can also register to receive alerts when a job is posted in your area.

How can I begin to find jobs after registering?

It's easy - do a postal code search in the Job Search tab in your profile and see the jobs posted in your areaIt's easy - do a postal code search in the Job Search tab in your profile and see the jobs posted in your area.

How do I indicate my interest for a position?

Apply directly to the job posting on the SOSsitter site. Your message will be sent to the family who posted the job and you will be contacted directly by them if you are selected.

What should I include in my profile?

To maximise our families interests in your profile we recommend to include as much information as possible and write it in a professional manner. You must include your personal details, relevant work experience, your qualifications, special skills (e.g.: First aid, swimming instructor, etc), your interests, types of services you want to offer, your availability and desired salary. It is also recommended to include references and run a current criminal background check directly on SOSsitter pages.

What is a criminal background check?

It is a procedure that validates the identity of a person and verifies if that person has no non-pardoned criminal record. SOSsitter encourages all caregivers to have a criminal background record check at hand to ensure peace of mind of hiring families and subsequently greater chances to get a job. You can purchase a criminal record check on SOSsitter pages with BackCheck, Canada’s largest online background checking company.

Is it possible to acquire a criminal background check on myself?

SOSsitter families significantly prefer hiring caregivers with background checks. The more recent a background check is, the more chances you have to land a job. You can purchase a background check at any time directly on SOSsitter. The check is processed by BackCheck, Canada’s largest background checking company. We have negotiated a discounted price of $39.99 (instead of $49.99) for a BackCheck criminal record check. Check results are available within 24 hours following your identity validation.

How do I temporarily desactivate or cancel my profile on SOSsitter?

Go to pour account and click on My Profile and then on Disable my profile.

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How do I know how many caregivers are available in my area?

There are two ways to find out how many caregivers offer their services in your area: You can search by postal code either from SOSsitter Home Page or by going into your SOSsitter account, clicking on My candidates and then on Search for candidates (available only to registered members).

What is the difference between Babysitter and Nanny?

The term Babysitter and Nanny is often interchangeable, so not to confuse anyone, for the purpose of acurate search, we have defined Babysitter as a caregiver to children from 2 years old. A Nanny is a caregiver for small children aged between 0 to 2 years old.

Are there additional costs added to my subscription Family?

No, once you are registered on SOSsitter, all services offered on the site (child care, senior care, special needs care, pet sitting and housekeeping) are included in the price of your subscription.

How can I pay for my subscription?

You can either pay by credit card on the SOSsitter site, or pay through your PayPal account. Processing your payment on our site is extremely secure as we follow the highest level of encyption protocol established by the Payment Card Industry Security Standard (we are Level 1 PCI SSC compliant). PayPal is an online payment system used extensively worldwide, and owned by eBay.

Why posting a job offer is the best way to find a caregiver?

Once your job offer is displayed, caregivers looking for a position in your area will be notified by email about the role. They will be able to apply to it directly and you will be automatically notified about an application. This way you only will receive responses of interested caregivers quickly.

What should I include in the description of my family?

Information that can help potential caregivers to identify and understand the needs of your family. Examples are: number of children and their age, type of activities your children enjoy the most, number of pets etc.

Can I buy a criminal background check for a caregiver of my choice?

Buying a criminal record check for a caregiver you want to hire, gives a sure peace of mind. You can purchase a criminal record check on any of SOSsitter’s caregivers, if an expressed consent was given by the candidate at registration time. If this option is available, a buy button will appear on the caregiver’s profile. Since a criminal background check results are private, these will be available only if the caregiver authorises you to view it.

What should I include in the About me section?

Any information that a caregiver might find useful. What type of family you are, what lifestyle your family has, do you have any animals, etc.

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How do I change the information on my account?

Simply click on Edit My Profile in your SOSsitter account.

How do I change my username and password?

You cannot change your username once registered, but you can change your password by clicking the Change password in your SOSsitter account.

How do I leave recommendations for caregivers or families?

You can do so by completing the section My Rating on the profile of the sitter or family concerned.

What do I write in the recommendations?

What you liked or not about the service you received from a caregiver. This information will be used for other families who would use the services of that caregiver.

Can I refer friends on SOSsitter?

With pleasure, simply click on Refer a friend and complete the required information on this page. A message will be sent to your friend to invite him/her to come to SOSsitter.

Can I block members to prevent them from contacting me?

Yes, it is possible by clicking on the option My candidate and then blocked if you are a family or on My families and then blocked if you offer your services. You can unblock these members at any time.

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Can a background check be purchased on SOSsitter?

Yes, it is possible to purchase a background check directly on SOSsitter pages. We have an association with BackCheck, Canada’s largest background checking company. Every caregiver can purchase a check on self, as every SOSsitter family can purchase a check on a chosen caregiver.

What are the costs of a BackCheck background check?

We have negotiated a discounted price of $49.99 (instead of $59.99) for a criminal record check with BackCheck. Check results are available within 24 hours following caregiver’s identity validation.

Where does your information come from?

BackCheck searches information provided by numerous police departments across Canada and obtains Name-based Criminal Record Verifications from the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC), the only national source of criminal records in Canada.

What it will include?

BackCheck conducts criminal record checks based on the Name and Date of Birth given by the applicant (you). These searches may include an indication of the existence of the following types of information:

  • Records of criminal convictions, as the record exists on the date of search
  • Convictions where a pardon has not been granted
  • Absolute and conditional discharges where not prohibited by legislation
  • Judicial orders (i.e. Probation orders and prohibition orders under the Criminal Code of Canada) Any disclosure of criminal history made by the applicant
What it will not include?

BackCheck criminal record search does not include vulnerable sector search that identifies pardoned convictions of sexual nature for individuals 25 years of age and more. To conduct searches of this nature, please visit your local police service.

Who will see it?

Once a background check is completed, a message “Background check available” will appear on a caregiver’s profile. We take your privacy very seriously and take careful measures to ensure that all of information is protected. The check result will not be visible to anyone unless sitter’s permission is granted.

Does the Criminal Record Check expire?

Criminal record checks are valid as of the date they were conducted. Results are stamped with the date of completion rather than an expiration date. It is up to the caregiver or the hiring family to determine their own thresholds for how long a check will be considered "valid". If a hiring family determines that it is too long since the completion of the check a family can purchase a check renewal on SOSsitter. We recommend having background checks of no longer than 6 months.

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