A search tool to easily find local help for everyday or back-up needs.
Easy to use for the employee, easy to implement and manage for employers
Continuous support for employees and employer.

SOSsitter offers a smart solution for your employees’ family’s in-home care needs.
Everyday and backup in-home care you can afford for ALL your employees.

Service responding to your employees pressing needs
to find in-home care for all family members.

Benefits for the Company

  • Increased productivity
  • Lower absenteeism
  • A simple answer to life balance needs
  • An excellent image both internally and externally
  • An innovative concept, affordable, easy to implement and manage
  • An excellent return on investment

Benefits for the Family

  • Increased loyalty for a company who care for employees work-life balance
  • Greater peace of mind
  • Higher productivity
  • Easier time management.
  • Greater availability at requested times
  • Better ability to focus
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SOSsitter is a bridge between caretakers and families. The site offers an easy, efficient and quick way to find local, experienced caregivers for a child, an elderly parent or a pet sitter. Today, SOSsitter brings companies an innovative program that gives employées access to the help they need so that they can focus on their work. All at an affordable cost and no hassle to you.

A sick child, a school-off day, an ailing relative who has to go to the doctor - your employee has to juggle and choose between being at the office and his family’s needs. Not anymore. Now, be a forward looking business and to offer to your employees the simplest and most affordable solution available today for in-home local care.