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Feb 17

Why Nannies Quit

Finding a nanny that is a good fit with your family is priceless. When you do find someone that fits that description Stay or Go - Why nannies quityou will want to do all you can do to ensure that the relationship works for you, the kids and Nanny as long as possible. Nannies quit for many reasons – some within your control and some outside of your control. Here are some of those reasons and what you can do to help:

– Remuneration and expenses – Ensure you are paying a fair wage that is competitive in your market. Consider what other nannies in the neighbourhood get in addition to wages such as holiday time, tax treatment and bonuses. Also make sure you do not expect Nanny to cover ad hoc expenses such as filling up the car or video games at the pizza parlour. Nanny loves your children but this is a job.

– Demanding schedules and build-up of additional responsibilities – Just like you get tired when working too many hours or fed-up with your boss when asked to take one “just one more task”, so too does Nanny. Be thoughtful about ensuring a manageable workload and week.

– Poor Communication or micro-management – Communication, communication, communication. You need to be clear and consistent in your instructions and expectations of Nanny. However, do not micro-manage! No one likes to have someone constantly looking over their shoulder.

– Lack of appreciation and recognition – Take time to recognise the good job Nanny is doing for your family and say thank you!

– Homesickness or change in personal situation – Nannies that are far from home, particularly from other countries, can find being away from home harder than expected. Sometimes Nanny’s romantic life takes a turn to the serious. Whilst you cannot solve that completely, you can be understanding and even help by providing access to Skype or FaceTime.

Make sure you show your nanny that you value him or her not only with your words but also by your actions. Investing in this important relationship will pay dividends.

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