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May 27

Turn Rainy Days into Fun Days!

Rain, rain, go away; come again another day….Remember chanting that as a kid in a futile attempt to bring back the sun and get outside to play? Your parents likely remember it well, particularly as it was often followed by “Mom, I’m bored!”

Well, we believe you can easily turn rainy days into fun days. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Build an indoor fort

Make sock puppets and host your own ‘Punch and Judy’Rainy Day Fun with

Play hide and seek

Make your own play dough

Break out the karaoke

Skype or FaceTime camp friends or classmates who have moved away

Be a poet and write a sonnet

Make birthday cards for the whole year

Clean out the toy chest

Do a spa day (facials, and mani & pedis)

Read a good book

Get out the easel (or art supplies) and find your inner Picasso

Plan and make a special meal for Mom and Dad

Learn a new card game

Have a dance party

Finally get on with re-arranging the kids rooms as they have been asking for (like…forever!)

Pull out the puzzle that has never been opened

Put on a play for the family – write it, practice and open all in one day!

Bake chocolate chip cookies

Pick up the instrument that never gets used anymore and give it a go

Plan your next family holiday

Write a short story or book

Have a movie marathon – All the Harry Potters anyone?!

Make Mickey Mouse pancakes (one big pancake for his face, two smaller ones for his ears)

Send grandma and grandpa a letter or card

Make signs for the bedroom doors

Camp out in the living room – pull out the tent, put on a picnic and get the s’mores going!

What – not inspired yet? Need more ideas? Get on Google and search for ‘rainy day activities’ and you will quickly see that the possibilities are endless, it just takes some imagination!

If you are looking for some help at home (nannies & babysitters, senior & special caregivers, pet sitters & housekeepers), will have options for you – come rain or shine!