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Sep 3

Top 5 tips for making sure everyone is safe when your nanny drives your kids

You want to make sure everyone is safe and sound when in the car and are likely even more anxious about car safety when your nanny drives your kids. If you need a nanny or use babysitters frequently, then more often than not you will need him or her to share in the responsibilities for shuttling your kids around to school, activities and appointments.  But worry no longer; follow these five tips to get become confident and comfortable that your kids will come home safe and sound:

One: Ask for and make a copy of the relevant documentation including your nanny’s driving record (which your nanny can get from the Ministry of Transportation), his or her driver’s licence and proof of insurance, if available.  If she is doing a lot of driving, check with your insurance agent about adding her to your policy.

Two: If you are not supplying a car to shuttle your kids around, make sure that your nanny’s car is in good working condition and is safe.

Three: Provide car seats or booster seats as appropriate to your kids’ age and make sure that they are installed correctly.

Four: Share the family’s ‘Rules of the Road’ such as having seat belts buckled before putting the car in drive, no fighting or talking loudly in the car, kids in the back seat until they reach the legal age or weight limit for sitting in the front seat and no cell phone use whilst driving. You can lead by example by not texting or calling your nanny when you know he or she is driving!

Five: Remind your nanny or babysitter to always be a defensive driver, ready to react to other, potentially poor drivers, and to use good judgement. Also, make sure that your nanny is prepared in case of an emergency or accident: Access to your CAA or other towing information, an emergency kit and a cell phone.

Following these top five tips for making sure everyone is safe when your nanny drives your kids will not only ensure your kids come home safe and sound but also give you the peace of mind you want and need.