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Aug 31

Top 5 First Day of School Tips!

Don’t know much about history; Don’t know much about biology; Don’t know much about science book; Don’t know Mother with child with school bagmuch about the French I took. But what I do know is…. How to have a great first day of school!

We might have had fun with Sam Cooke’s famous song but we are very serious about how to have a good first day of school. Our top 5 tips are:

Pack backpacks the night before
And set out clothes. Prepare as much in advance as possible. The morning of the first day of school will always be hectic so you need to do all you can in advance to take the pressure off. You want to create a calm environment.

Review schedules
There will be lots of new schedules to consider: drop off and pick up schedules, class schedules, after school activities and play dates and more. Review the schedules over the days leading up to the first day and then send a list with kids in case they have not quite got it yet.

Good night’s sleep and a good breakfast
It is a big day so be sure everyone starting school gets to bed at a reasonable time and gets a good night sleep. Also make sure there is enough time in the morning for a good breakfast. It will be needed to get through what will seem like a long first day.

Everyone will be feeling a mix of excitement, anticipation and nervousness on the first day. It is normal and these types of feelings will ease quickly. But in the meantime, the only remedy is to put a big smile on your face. Ask your friends about their summers. Introduce yourself to new people. The more you focus on others, the less you will be thinking about your own nerves.

First day of school picture
It may seem old fashioned but the first day of school picture is a great family tradition and will be appreciated for years to come. So get the camera ready, remind yourself of the usual spot for the photo and get shooting!

To quote Sam Cooke, if you follow these tips “what a wonderful world this would be…” and to quote us, visit the rest of the site if you want to find the right help for your family this Fall.