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Jul 7

Top 3 Tips for Nannies and Newborns

You have had a baby recently and feel like you are just learning how to care for and be comfortable with your new born but it is already time to leave your sweet baby with a nanny or babysitter. Yikes! Or you are the nanny or babysitter to a family that has just brought home a new born.Wow! Brand new babies are such a source of joy but can also put us on edge as you want to meet their special needs. Some tips to achieve this follow:

Awake Time

Newborns are used to the calm of the womb so it is best to keep their environment calm to make them as comfortable as possible. Do not over stimulate them – from your clothing to your voice to the activities you introduce. Also be sure how to use the toys and products – making sure you are using age appropriate products and using products (such as car seats) correctly.

Feeding Time

Whether using pumped breast milk or formula, there are guidelines on how milk can be prepared and stored and how long it can be used once it is prepared. There are also guidelines on the cleaning and sterilisation of bottles. Further, each mother will have their own routines and preferences so it is best to review these thoroughly.

Sleep Time

This is probably the most important area to cover fully with Nannies and babysitters. Babies should sleep in their crib on their back, with no covers, pillows, stuffies or bumpers. If the room is too cold, use a wearable blanket, not loose blankets or sheets. Newborns should be watched for signs of wanting sleep – remembering that they can sleep up to 18 hours a day – and should be put in the crib as soon as it looks like nap time, rather than waiting for them to fall asleep in your arms or being rocked.

Don’t be nervous. Newborns are lovely. You will just want to be that extra bit conscious of what is best for them. A great way to ease into leaving a new born at home with the sitter is to do some shorter test runs. Leave baby with the Nanny or sitter for an hour and then a couple of hours and then for longer periods as Mom and Nanny/ Babysitter grows in confidence and comfort.