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Aug 26

Tips on making the first day of school a GREAT day!

The first day of school brings back memories of standing in the front yard in your brand new clothes, waiting for your parents to take the ‘first day of school picture’ and wondering whether the funny feeling in your tummy is excitement or nervous butterflies for the day ahead.

Follow our simple set of tips and you can feel confident that you have done what you can to get your kids ready to start the school year off right!

1) Make the unfamiliar, familiar – Whether starting at a new school or going to a new part of an old school, it helps to visit the school during open houses or orientation to become familiar with the layout. It also helps to review the class schedule, names of teachers and book list.

2) Get the right supplies – Having a good bag is important for getting books to and from school, just as having shelves or a mirror in the school locker is important for feeling settled at school. And don’t forget notebooks, notepads and pens and pencils!

3) Be picture ready for the first day – Time to cut hair that was allowed to grow wild over the summer and scrub extra well when in the tub. Choose clothes in advance to avoid a crisis on the first morning when uniforms no longer fit or it turns out there is ‘just nothing to wear’.

4) Pack the night before – Pack backpacks and lunches the night before so the morning of the first day back has no surprises and can be enjoyed by all. Don’t forget a little note in your child’s lunch!

5) Start the day off right – Have a good breakfast; studies show that kids who eat right are more alert at school and achieve higher grades. End the day with a Back to School party! (Watch our Facebook page for more on this!)

6) Jump in with both feet – Remind kids that everyone will feel a bit like a fish out of water on the first day of school. If they feel nervous, they should put a big smile on and catch up with old friends or introduce themselves to new friends. Remind them to be themselves and to have fun!