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Nov 23

The Tooth Fairy’s Rate Card

So what is the going rate for a tooth these days? Kids lose their 20 baby teeth over a period of five to six years, usually starting around age five to seven but sometimes as young as four.

If you have children in this age range then you have likely added “tooth fairy” to the many roles you play. But like Tooth Fairymany things in our busy lives today, we follow the rituals without actually pausing to think why we are doing things and the best way to achieve the desired result.

Losing teeth has the potential to be unsettling for children; the tooth fairy and the gift of money for lost teeth is meant to make the experience more palatable. And frankly, it is such a well-known tradition now that honouring it is part of giving your children shared experiences with other kids. It helps them fit in.

But who invented the tooth fairy? The tooth fairy likely evolved from similar traditions around the world – although more common than the “fairy” is the tooth mouse or rat (called Ratoncito Perez in Spanish speaking countries). 

Okay – so we understand the purpose and background of the tooth fairy but the real question is how to do it well. “How much should I put under the pillow?” is likely the first question that comes to mind. According to several studies (Visa and Delta Dental as shared on, the most common amount is $1. Remember that the point of the tooth fairy is not to help your child build his or her net worth.

And money is not everything nor should it be made to be! Get creative in how you mark these milestones. Making a special pillow to fairy dust on the window ledge or tooth fairy certificates are just a few ideas. Get your creative juices flowing and start your own traditions!

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