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Apr 6

The importance of grandparents: what role should they play in the lives of their offspring

Happy family looking at the cameraGrandparents are an essential landmark in the lives of their grandchildren. Their challenge is to find the balance between the love they feel for them and the discipline they must uphold, in harmony with the education advocated by parents. Grandparents should keep in mind that they should not take the place of parents or become too intrusive. Here are some of the roles that grandparents can play:

– Source of additional unconditional love from the first moments of the child’s life

– Educators complementary to parents, role both emotionally and educationally. They have more time, are less stressed, calmer pace of life

– Anchorage point, stability in the family environment, widens the emotional sphere of grandchildren

– Source of treats and special permissions without going against parents’ education

– Support for parents from birth. Grandparents, however, must respect their limits and not overdo it!

– Allies of the parents; they should not criticize them or go against the way they chose to raise their children, this could create many tensions

– The parents! Do not forget to thank the grandparents for all they do for their grandchildren and for you!

– For grandparents who need respite, visit our SOSSitter website