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Aug 15

The Dangers of Summer for Our Furry Friends

In summer, the greatest enemy of our four-legged friends is the heat. And specially heat in cars. Indeed, we often leave our dogs in the car while we do some shopping or even grab lunch somewhere. If it is never a good idea to leave a pet alone in a vehicle (theft risk) this can become very dangerous during the summer season.

Did you know that the temperature in your car can rise 20 degrees in 10 minutes and quickly reach 100°F?

Even if you’re parked in the shade? And do not be fooled by the air conditioning: it’s refreshing effect disappears very quickly and your furry pet will quickly find himself in a furnace. This heat will make breathing difficult and can cause a fatal heatstroke within minutes. The heat is as dangerous for a dog as it is for an infant because they do not regulate their internal temperature.

The breeds with a flat nose that already have breathing problems by nature are especially fragile.  Giving your pet water or leaving the windows cracked, necessary measures to keep him comfortable when the car is moving, will not be enough to maintain his internal temperature at a normal level.

If you are alone and cannot have someone walk the dog while you go shopping, consider leaving your pet at home. Being alone for a few hours is far better than making him endure unbearable heat (would you stay in a hot car with a fur coat on your back?) or even risk his life.

If you need to travel long distances, try to drive in the morning or after 8 pm, when the temperature is cooler and remember to take frequent breaks to let your pet out to stretch his legs. Don’t forget that the temperature of sidewalks can burn the pads of your four-legged friend. Indeed, in the sun the asphalt temperature can reach 100 degrees. Try as much as possible to find grassy area or to stay in the shade.

Finally, like for us, frequent water mists can lower the temperature and therefore help your dog stay comfortable during your travels.

Follow these simple tips to keep your dog safe and happy during your summer vacation!