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Oct 6

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids on Pinterest

Happy Thanksgiving 2014 (well almost!). And since it is 2014, it is time to use your online resources to make your family’s Thanksgiving special this year. First, what does Wikipedia tells us about Thanksgiving? It says that it is a celebration of being thankful for what one has and the bounty of the previous year; it is celebrated by spending time with family and feasting!

A great way to spend time together and to add to the festivities of feasting is to get your kids going on Thanksgiving crafts to decorate your home and table. This is a great activity for your nanny or babysitters to do with your kids as well. But the fun is not just in making the crafts – it is also about deciding which crafts to make.

This is where your next online resource – Pinterest – comes in. What?! Never heard of Pinterest?! Well Wikipedia says that is a web and mobile application that offers a visual discovery, collection, sharing, and storage tool. Download the app onto your Smart Phone or Tablet or simply go to their website And let the searching begin.

We found hundreds of ideas for fabulous crafts that your kids can make to celebrate the holiday just by searching “Canadian thanksgiving crafts for kids”. Some of our favourites are:

A Thankful Tree – Find a branch in the yard with lots of smaller branches still attached. Cut basic small leaf shapes out of autumnal-coloured construction paper. Have the kids write things for which they are thankful on the leaves. Tape the leaves to the branches. Use as a centrepiece for your thanksgiving table.

Leaf Place Settings – Use different shaped leaf templates from Pinterest to trace the shape onto red, brown and orange construction paper. Cut

out the leaves. Use fat markers to write the names of each member of the family on the leaves. Use as place setting for your thanksgiving feast!

And don’t forget your favourite online resource – – if you need extra help watching the kids whilst you go for all the groceries or prepare the big meal!