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Oct 2

Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts Projects for Kids and their Sitters

As the festive period of the year approaches, busy mothers are looking for creative ways to involve their kids in the planning and preparations of Thanksgiving so that they can accomplish the many tasks that a successful holiday season requires.

Here are two fun and simple activities that kids and their nannies can do together to help make a colourful and festive thanksgiving table.

Source: via SOSsitter on Pinterest

Toilet Roll Napkin Rings

What you will need:
Toilet rolls (just the card board center)
Construction paper
Markers or Stickers


Depending on the length of the rolls, cut them into two or three pieces, making enough rings for people who will be at the meal.

Cut yellow, brown, auburn and orange strips of construction paper, making the width the same as the roll and the length long enough to wrap around the toilet roll.

Glue the paper to the toilet roll

Decorate the roll with thanksgiving stickers or draw pictures instead

Pine Cone Turkeys Center Pieces

What you will need

Pine cones



Construction paper

Pipe cleaners


Go on a hike to collect pine cones, the bigger the better. Pinecones can also be bought at your local craft shop.

Trace the hand of the child onto several autumn-coloured pieces of construction paper; Cut the paper along the lines of the drawing. These are the turkey feathers.

Glue the feathers to the back of the pinecone.

Cut the pipe cleaners to make L shapes pieces and glue them on for legs.

The turkey neck and face can be made using pipe cleaners, cutting the piece longer this time, with the bottom of the L shorter for the face.

Use construction paper to make the face.

There are many more thanksgiving craft activities that babysitters can do with kids to make a truly special table setting: Hand and foot turkey place mats, thanksgiving place cards, decorated pumpkin center pieces and more!

Happy Thanksgiving!