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Feb 10

Sweet School Valentines, Hold the Sweeties!

Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, but too much is not good for you!

Most of us have fond memories of passing out valentines to all of our classmates at school; although the wording for kids of the opposite sex was important to get just right! Nice but not too nice, lest some get the wrong idea.

Parents are usually more concerned about coming up with ideas for small tokens for the class that do not involve candies or food.

Never fear! We found a blogger online who came up with both sayings for homemade cards and small non-food gifts that can go with them:

• You make the world sparkle (gift: glitter)
• You are toe-tally special, friend (gift: nail polish)
• Doh you want to be my Valentine? (gift: play dough)
• You have mad skills (gift: mad libs)
• You are just plane awesome (gift: toy plane)
• Have a ball this Valentine’s Day (gift: bouncy ball)
• You are chalk-ful of fun (gift: chalk)
• I think you are just write (gift: a fun pen)
• You rule (gift: ruler)

Share these ideas with your kids and their nanny or babysitter and let their creativity take over! If they want to come up with their own cards and sayings, hit the dollar store to see what other school supplies (such as notebooks, pencils, pencil toppers, erasures and book marks) or toys (like sidewalk chalk, temporary tattoos, lip gloss, matchbox cars, and bubbles) inspire them.

If you are budget conscious, get construction paper, markers, stickers and glitter and set them off on card making. Whatever their heart’s desire! They will have a great afternoon activity and valentines they will be thrilled to take into school.

Happy Valentines Day!