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Aug 25

Summer to School: the Five S’s of Getting Ready

It might feel like summer just got going, but it is already that time – back to school! No one is excited to say good-bye to summer but by being organised, you can help your kids ease back into the school year and maybe even get them excited to get back to it!

The five S’s for going from Summer to School follow:

Summer Studies: Many kids have summer reading or summer homework for advanced classes. Hopefully you helped your kids make and keep to a schedule throughout the summer. Even if you were not as focused as you need to be, you can still avoid the tears and all-nighter before school by checking in with your kids on what they need to and have done.

School Clothes: Whether your kids require uniforms or just some new clothes, the time is right! Many stores have sales at this time of year. Be sure to make a list of what you need in advance or else you might fail your budget test!

Supplies: School supplies! It is time to get new notebooks, lined paper, pencils and pencil holders. Don’t forget the lesson you likely learned last year – the early bird gets the worm. Get to your preferred store for suppliers early so that you can find all the essentials and your kids get the notebooks with their favourite characters on them.

Schedules: Say good-bye to the careful days of summer, it is time to get back on schedule. Start with getting your household disciplined in making bed times and getting up in the morning. Move to the school schedule at least a week in advance of the first day of school.

Sports: Getting back to school is not just about academics; it also means the start of team practices and games. If your kid has not been playing his or her chosen sport(s) over the summer, get out the equipment and make sure it still fits and is in good condition.

Oh wait there is a sixth S!

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