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Jun 15

Summer, Kids and Babysitters: A Recipe for Outdoor Fun!

Keeping up with the kids during the summer months can be exhausting! Not just because they are home from school, constantly under foot but also because they have so much energy to burn. Babysitters can be a great way to give you a break but can also be a big part of making summer as exciting and fun as you want it to be for your kids.Summer Outdoor Fun with Kids

Here are some of our ideas on things your babysitter can do with your kids outside this summer:

Backyard Fun

Be creative by starting a kids garden or building a robot (start saving boxes of all sizes!)

Get sweaty jumping rope, playing Hide and Seek, or having a hula hoop competition

Cool off with a watermelon seed spitting contest or running through the sprinklers

Be “refined” playing croquet or be silly blowing bubbles

Spot animal shapes in the clouds after a backyard picnic

Neighbourhood Activities

Make a lemonade stand to refresh your neighbours

Ride bikes, remembering the right safety equipment and rules

Organise a backyard treasure hunt with a map and clues

Go on a hike with the neighbourhood gang (agree with Mom how far you can go)

Host your own Summer Olympics with wheelbarrow and three-legged races, water balloon and bean bag tosses, jumping competitions and more

Outdoor Outings

Become a regular at the local zoo or animal sanctuary

Go to the park and feed the ducks

Find a field and fly a kite

Kick off the summer by making a list of fun things to do outdoors using our ideas as a start but your imagination to make it your own. It will be great fun to tick things off over the summer and is also a good way for Mom, Dad and babysitter to do any required preparation or agree ‘rules of the road’ for special activities.  Just get out the sunscreen and hats and get out there and enjoy the summer!

Are you looking for additional babysitting support this summer?