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Feb 22

Staying Close when Far Away

Luckily I do not travel for work as much as I used to but there was a time when I caught three or four flights in a kid skype computerweek. I used to say that, for me, taking an airplane was like catching a bus. Travel can be exciting but when you have kids, it can also be difficult. Here are some of our practical tips  for how to stay close when far away:

Before you go

  • Make sure you tell the kids of your plans in advance so there are no surprises.
  • Explain how long you will be away – such as two sleeps – and that you will be back.
  • Make the news fun by looking up your destination on a map or online.

While you are away

  • Plan on a call or skype at the same time every day. Find the time that works best – first thing in the morning before they head for school or every night before bedtime.
  • Send each other selfies. No special lighting or full make-up required. Just snap some fun photos of yourself as you go about your day and send them off with a quick note.
  • Introduce some fun traditions – such as sending a postcard from every city you visit which can go on a peg board in your kids’ rooms. Make this easy by keeping a stash of stamps in your suitcase, picking up the postcard before your luggage at the airport and writing them out on the way into town.
  • We would recommend staying away from a gift from every trip as this can become an expensive practice!

When you get back

  • Have something special or fun planned for when you get back home. This is not about but spending money to ease guilt, this is about spending quality time together.

Bon voyage Mom or Dad!

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