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Mar 6

Spring Clean: Tips to Save Time and Money

Spring is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it means warmer weather, getting out in the great outdoors, a breath of fresh air. On the other hand, it means it is time for the annual Spring Clean!

Here are twelve house cleaning hacks to save time and money this Spring Clean:

1. Vinegar – Did you know some vinegar on a paper towel will clear up cloudy glass in a jiff? And that is just one of spring cleaning with the kidsthe things you can do with vinegar.

2. Onions – Onions are great for cleaning grills and cheaper than wire bristle brushes. Just cut one in half and have at it!

3. Lemons – Use lemons in your fridge or food disposal to remove food odours. Again, only one of the many uses for lemons!

4. Throw plastic toys into the dishwasher for quick and easy sanitizing.

5. Clean your blinds with a sock. Moisten an old sock with a water and vinegar solution, slip that sock on your hand and get wiping.

6. Use the Coca-Cola from your fridge to clean your toilet. Seriously! The acidity of the Coke makes it an effective cleaning agent. It also works on lots of other things such as removing rust and loosening grease. And it does not have to be Coke – any fizzy drink will do, whether diet or regular. Just be sure not to use the most expensive cola you come across!

7. Dryer sheets are great at cleaning dashboards and providing a fresh clean scent.

8. Clean your microwave and your sponge at the same time. Microwaving a damp sponge will disinfect the sponge and loosen food and grime inside your micro.

9. Make your home smell wonderful by “baking” a cup of vanilla extract for an hour or so. Better yet, make some cookies. EVERYONE will appreciate that more!

10. Use dampened bread as a means to pick up little pieces of broken glass. Playdoh also works wonderfully for this. And for glitter. Because that stuff never goes anywhere otherwise! Even a vacuum cleaner can’t get to it.

11. Use your hairdryer to get water rings off your wood furniture: Set the hair dryer on medium heat and hold it two inches away from the stain. As you apply heat, use a cloth or napkin to buff away the mark. Continue wiping until the surface is blemish-free.

12. Take some vodka to bed! Mix some vodka (and some essential oils if you prefer) and lightly sprinkle your mattress and let dry before re-making. The alcohol works against odour-causing bacteria.

And a bonus – when you go to the market to buy cleaning suppliers, leave the shopping cart parked. Buying only what you can carry is a great way to keep you focused on the products that you really need.

These ideas have hopefully gotten you in the mood to get going with your Spring Clean. If not, a few more ideas:

Just do it! If you put it on your list and leave it there for weeks, it will be a monkey on your back. Just do it. Get it done. Leaving it on your list will waste your time and energy.

Make a list! Lists keep you focused. Lists break up the huge tasks into smaller bite-sized pieces. Lists give you the satisfaction of the “scratch off”.

Turn on the tunes! I like Madonna’s Immaculate Collection. Nothing better than dancing and singing while you clean.

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