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Mar 26

SOSsitter offers discounted memberships to Canadian Forces Families

We are sooo pleased to announced that we are now offering discounted memberships to the Families and members of the Canadian Forces.  From the news, everyone knows of overseas deployment that may of the Forces face in their career, but, did you also know that when they are in Canada, the frequently must change the location of their domicile for their duty calls? It is a known fact that the military personnel and their families struggle with the work / life balance just like most, but they also deal with uncommon stress from often having one family member on assignment abroad and from dealing with frequent relocation from base to base. Each relocation means a loss of the local support network.

The sacrifice that the whole family goes through can be alleviated by having an easy way to find experienced help around the house in the new location. SOSsitter is proud to provide support to our troops in recognition of their sacrifices and dedication. We now offer discounted memberships to Canadian Forces personnel and their families.

Pass the word out! 🙂