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Jun 23

SOS: Find your Summer Sitter Back Up NOW!

You can almost hear the excited cry of kids… Summer! School is out! Summer is here!

Unfortunately, it does introduce new logistic and financial challenge for Mom and Dad. If your usual nanny or babysitters are not available to cover the extended hours of child care, fret not. We have compiled our list of how to find your SSS – Super Summer Sitter!

First stop? – It’s a good idea to compile a list of a few back ups that you have worked with and like, in the event that your nanny / babysitter needs to be away (vacation or personal time) or is sick.

College Students – Remember how crushed you were when your favourite babysitter went off to college? Well, he or she is likely to be back in town for the summer and looking for some ways to make pocket money for next year. Get in touch! And remind them that signing up for a profile on is FREE, if they are looking for work as a babysitter or nanny!

Teachers –Many teachers look for additional income in the summer through tutoring. This is a great way to give your kid a leg up on the year ahead.

Summer Camps – Sports camp, computer camp, art camp, scout camp – there are camps galore out there in your local communities. They come in many varieties from cheap to expensive from one day to eight week residual. If you haven’t booked any yet, check out resources like or your local newspaper or parenting magazine / newspaper.

Neighbourhood Camp – Organise with 3 or 4 other families in the neighbourhood to take turn hosting days out at the local zoo or science museum or arts and crafts and games in the backyard.

Summer Reading – Most kids will have been sent home wit a list of books they have to read before the start of school. And some of those books are likely great reads. Kids who are engrossed in a great book are less likely to complain about waiting with you at a doctor’s appointment for those times you cannot find a sitter at home.

Remember to cover the same practical things (responsibilities, open lines of communications, etc.) but don’t forget to add in the summer specific points (such as needing to be able to swim, etc.) for your SSS.

Enjoy the summer!