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Nov 7

Solutions to the eternal question “How is the babysitter getting back home?”

Every parent of young children enjoys spending a night with the peace of mind to know that their favourite babysitter is holding the fort and taking care of the children.

However, even, and perhaps especially, if the evening was fantastic and you enjoyed that time without the kids, the inevitable question of :

“How is the babysitter getting back home”

Will rise every time you come back home late.

However, this return to the reality of your obligations does not have to ruin the end of your evening and there are solutions to avoid that the debate turns into an argument and that your babysitter finds herself in an uncomfortable situation or worse, alone on the street.

  • A first approach is to alternate the driving duties.

Do not forget to indicate each time on the kid’s calendar who drove the babysitter back home. It’s the best way to ensure that it’s not always the same parent who has to go back alone in the cold night.

  • A second strategy is to call a taxi.

Of course this can turn out to be an expensive solution if the babysitter lives far from your home – probably another reason to find a babysitter who lives near you.

  • Last, if you have a spare bedroom, a third option is for you babysitter to sleep at your place.

It is an alternative to the drive back home solution that keeps everybody from having to travel at night.  This is certainly a solution to consider in winter.

Whatever solution you choose, do not wait until the last minute to make a decision and if you wish to offer to your babysitter to spend the night at your house, make sure to talk to her about it in advance so that she has time to get organized if this solution suits her.

There is no reason why your evenings out should end in sour debates about the babysitter’s ride back home.

So try to follow these suggestions and make a good evening last all night long.