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May 21

#SocialForGood Conference and Me


Hello everyone!

Paulina here, SOSsitter Founder! I am honoured and thrilled to be a semi finalist for the Women in Biz Network‘s #SocialforGood conference.

Even better, I am proud to be in excellent company, among women entrepreneurs who are all doing fabulous things in business and in their communities.

Regardless of which of us ultimately wins, I believe that all the participants will be better for the experience of learning from one another. Social responsibility and successful business are not mutually exclusive concepts by any stretch and I am looking forward to learning more from the talented women of the WIBN!

Post Script: 

So even though I didn’t win the #SocialForGood award, the conference was a wonderful experience and very eye FullSizeRenderopening: the many ways you can build a mission-driven business and the value this kind of business brings to the world. Meeting so many dynamic and interesting women and talking about ways in which we can bring more to our communities: so inspiring!

It’s so important to me that at, we accomplish more to help families every single day.