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Sep 8

Sending Nanny to School Events?

As the number of two income households increases, the challenge of getting to all of little Billy or Sally’s events and appointments increases as well. Think about it… Music recitals, plays, teacher’s evenings, fundraising events, sporting events, birthday parties, ballet classes, Sunday school, boy and girl scouts, doctors and dentists…and the list goes on.  If you have a nanny and  find that you are too stretched between work and family to attend some of the events and appointments, you likely will be sending Nanny in your place.

Considering that in many households, Nanny is an essential member of the family, this is absolutely acceptable but depending on the relationship your child has with your nanny, for example, if Nanny is new to your family, you might want to consider other options:


Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents make great substitutes for parents at kid’s events. Men and women are staying single and kid-free longer than ever before but that does not mean they don’t like kids. Some of your close friends might jump at the chance to go to the Christmas play or a sporting event! They can share the load with Nanny.

No alternatives? Talk to your kids

Talk to your kids about why you cannot be with them at an event and who will  be there to cheer them on or hold their hand or whatever is needed. It’s probably a good idea to send a note along with Nanny, particularly if going to the doctor’s office, so it is clear that you are comfortable for the appointment to proceed as though you were there.

Get it on tape!

And remember that just because you cannot be there yourself, it does not mean that you have to miss little Sally scoring the final goal or Billy singing a solo. Most phones today are able to take video. Ask Nanny to get it on tape!