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Dec 30

Ring in the New Year with Family and Friends at Home

Want to go to the best New Year’s Eve party in town?  It is easy – and you will not have to pay a big entrance fee at a club to do it! You do not even need to get out of your pyjamas! How? Throw a fabulous party at your house for you, your kids and a couple of good friends who also have kids! It is easy and fun and can be a real highlight in your year. Here are our suggestions:

The Theme – Throw back to the 1950’s and do your party right! Make it Pyjama Party and have the kids in tents or big cushions in the play room. Or go fancy and let the kids play dress-up; or really dress-up with a theme such as favourite super heroes. If that all seems like too much, keep it easy with a ‘crazy hat theme’ and see who shows up in what!

Dinner – Make it easy on yourself and give everyone attending – including the kids – an assignment. Pot luck is also fun just make sure you check for allergies! Giving the kids responsibility will make them really feel a part of the festivities.

Decorations – Get out your party box! It is New Year’s Eve so go over the top! Bring out all of your party hats, and streamers and balloons and blowers. If there is a night to be loud, this is it. An easy and festive way to create some ‘magic’ for the evening is to fill balloons with confetti and then pop them when you celebrate midnight.  Just make sure your vacuum cleaner is working first!

Activities – The options are endless but some include board game marathons, skits and plays, charades, scraping booking to capture the year, mocktail competitions, a slide show of all the family pictures from the year, learning and then singing “Auld Lang Syne”, and more!

Midnight – If you have young kids, you can easily have an earlier midnight. Simply play the video of the ball dropping from the previous year. If you did not think that far ahead, YouTube is a great source. And then get your kids in bed and start part 2 of your party!

Happy New Year!

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