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Feb 9

Questions to Ask when Interviewing a Senior Caregiver

A friend wrote this to me once: “The day I found my mom lying on the floor, unable to move, I knew it was time to getiStock_000014371816Large-300x213 some help for her. She wasn’t ready to move out of her home, and aside from adding some safety bars and other features, I wasn’t sure how to help her but we both agreed that we would BOTH feel safer if someone was checking in on her and helping her with a few things, 2 or 3 times a week.”

Have you realized that it is time to find a senior caregiver for one or both of your parents? It is a hard thing to face but when you realize your parents are increasingly finding it hard to look after themselves safely or worse if there has been an incident such as a parent falling, unable to get up, you know it is time. is a great resource to find a senior caregiver. Whilst you are compiling your list of people to interview, you should also compile your list of questions. To help with this process we have provided some ideas on questions you might ask below:

Standard caregiver interview questions

  • What rates you do charge? Regular and overtime / weekends?
  • What regular and holiday time off do you expect?
  • When can you start and what hours are you able to work?
  • What caregiving certifications do you have such as basic first aid or CPR?
  • Do you smoke?
  • Would you be willing to undergo a background check?

Questions specific to your senior loved ones’ preferences and needs

  • If errands and driving to doctor’s appointments are required – do you have a driver’s license (and clean record)? Do you have a car? Are you comfortable driving the seniors car?
  • Have you ever cared for someone with the condition of the senior?
  • Are you comfortable managing the medication regime?
  • Are you comfortable with pets in the home and helping to care for them?

Questions specific to your preferences

  • Are you comfortable with regular guests visiting the senior?
  • Will you discuss any of your own guests with me before having people over?
  • Will you make me aware if my senior loved one offers you gifts or bonuses?
  • Will you agree not to discuss my senior loved one’s condition with others?

Finding a senior caregiver for your loved one is an important job to get right; let help you find a senior caregiver that is right for your family.