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Jan 25

Psst – Things your Housekeeper Would Like You to Know!

Psst… You. Yes, you!  It is time to sit down and listen to some hard truths. There are a few things your housekeeper would like you to know:

1 – I am not a mind reader!

If you would like things done in a certain way, please don’t hesitate to say so. Your housekeeper wants you to be housekeeper inspecting the jobhappy with the results of their work but they need to know if there are specific things that are important to you. Remember, your housekeeper is a professional, not a magician!

2 – I find it hard to clean around your clutter!

Unless agreed in advance, housekeepers are there to clean the house, not fold laundry or wash a sink full of dirty dishes. Further, if they are to clean, they need to be able to “get at it” so pick up dirty clothes and kids toys off the floor.  

3 – I find it hard to clean around your family!

As lovely as your family is, a housekeeper has a job to do. And sometimes doing that job is hard when the kids are playing catch in the living room. If possible, schedule the cleaner for times when the house is quiet.

4 – Your family’s fluids belong to you!

Anything intimate or gross that belongs to or comes from your family should stay with your family. For example, if your child has been throwing up all night, you should clean it up. Do not leave the soiled linens for your housekeeper. 

5 – I have views on cleaning products!

Your housekeeper is the professional so consider discussing which products work best. For example, if you are interested in going “all natural”, it is a good bet your housekeeper knows which products work and which just make you feel good.

6 – I am a person too!

Housekeepers provide an invaluable service to your family and deserve to be treated with respect.  Treat your housekeeper well by not only demonstrating that you understand the points above but also by paying a fair wage and treating them with kindness.

Burning the candle at both ends? Look for a housekeeper in your local area and take a break! You deserve it!