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Sep 15

Private School Expo – FREE TICKETS for Montreal

With fewer kids and a better understanding of the educational system, parents today know exactly the kind of education they want for their child, and private schools are becoming an accessible, affordable, and popular option. Offering much more than tradition, prestige or religious instruction, qualities which were highly valued in the past, they’re catering to modern parents who are more concerned about finding a particular educational approach that suits their child. With a range of schools as unique as each individual child, finding the right one seems like a formidable task.

But with the right techniques, the school search can be painless for parents and children, resulting in a valuable education that will please the entire family.

A 5 step search process will help to choose the right school for each child:

  1. The Wish List
  2. The Preliminary Search
  3. The Private School Expo
  4. The School Visit
  5. The Application

We will cover these steps in details the next two posts. However, Montreal families can already jump to stage 3, as this Sunday, Montreal Private School Expo will be held in Place Bonaventure. This is where you can find all English language private schools in Montreal, meet the management and staff, and get a feel on their offering.

And we have FREE TICKETS for readers of this blog and SOSsitter members.

To get the free tickets, REGISTER HERE, with the promo code: SOSSITTER

Private School Expos are also coming to Toronto, Peel region and Vancouver:

TORONTO: Saturday October 15, 2011
HALTON-PEEL REGION: Sunday October 23, 2011
VANCOUVER: Sunday November 27, 2011