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Jul 14

Preparing for your First Day as a Nanny

It’s almost your first day! You are likely filled with excitement and yes, a little bit of nervousness. There are some practical things you can do to prepare in advance as well as on the day to make it as smooth as possible.


There will be a lot happening on your first day so you might ask to cover some of the essential information in advance. This should include key contacts (names and numbers for daily needs and emergencies), how to work things in the house (keys, appliances, the pets!), routines (from play dates to pool cleanings), special needs and rules (medical as well as rules of the house), and all of the legal and practical elements of your employment as the family Nanny.

Focus on your first day

Nanny Notebook:

Be sure to keep all the information you might need with you at all times. This will include all the essential contact names and information but in the early days it might also include information about the daily routine and how things in the house work. Smart phones today have many applications that can help you keep this information organised. However, if technology is not your thing, it is worth writing it all out in a small notebook that you can keep in your pocket or hand bag.

It’s all about the kids:

Focus as much of your time and attention on the kids. Be prepared for them to be wary at first or sad because they miss their previous nanny. Do not take it personally. Be positive and smile. Ask them to show you their favourite games, books and toys. This is a beginning of a new and important relationship. Give it the right time and attention to grow. But remember to find the balance between being sweet and being firm.

The most important thing to remember for your first day is to be yourself. Kids are intuitive – they can sense if you are nervous and that will make them nervous. Take a deep breath and enjoy your first day with the kids.

Good luck!