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May 20

Prep your house and family for your next trip!

Summer holidays are just around the corner. When planning your next trip, don’t forget about all the things you need to Prep your house and family for vacationdo to get ready at home. Enlist your nanny or babysitters in helping with the preparations. And use this handy check list to remember to get it all done!

Prepare your house:

_______Turn off thermostats

_______Set up timers on your lights

_______Water plants and put them in cool places

_______Take out the trash

_______Empty the dishwasher and washing machine

_______ Stop the newspaper & hold the mail

_______Unplug appliances (i.e. toaster) and computers

_______ Organise a pet sitter

_______Ask your nanny or babysitter to check on the house while you are gone

_______Leave contact details so you can be reached in emergency

Prepare your documents and services for the trip:

_______Make sure all identity cards (drivers licenses, passports) are up to date

_______Remove items from your wallet that you will not need when away.

_______Put the number for your airline in your phone as well as your ticket confirmation code

_______Tell your credit card companies and bank that you will be away

_______Write down the number for your credit cards in case they are lost or stolen

_______Take photographs of all your important paperwork so you have copies (like passports)

_______Ensure you have your medical insurance information

_______Check to see if your cell phone carrier has a package for the country of your destination

_______ Don’t tweet or Facebook a lot about your absence whilst you are gone

Prepare for your return:

_______Write down the place you parked you car in long term parking

_______Throw out fresh flowers, milk in the fridge – anything that will go bad while you are away

_______Put some readymade meals in the freezer so you have something to eat when you get home

_______Arrange to have your lawn cut when you are away

_______Sprinkle baking soda in sinks and toilets to avoid bad odours

_______Pay bills that will come due while you are away

_______Put fresh sheets on the bed

And don’t forget to have a great trip!