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Nov 4

Pet travel – how best to do it?

Pets are another specialty of SOSsitter. Indeed, here you can find a pet sitter as easily as a nanny. We like helping families. 🙂

Sometimes however, you want to take your pet on holidays with you. Some preparation is needed to make the days off a fun time for you, your furry friend and his hosts.

So let’s review how to prepare your trip, what to do during the trip and how to help your pet adjust to his vacation spot.

How to prepare your pet for travel

The first thing to do is to make sure that your pet is healthy and that his health record is up to date. If you are traveling abroad, check with your vet if any specific vaccination is required by border controls. Finally, ask your vet for medication advice to help your pet stay calm in an airplane or not to be carsick.

Once this is settled, it is time to prepare your pet for his transport.

If you plan to travel by car, remember that young animals, as children, are often sick in cars. It is best to accustom them to car travels at an early age, to lower the heat and to half-open the windows so that your dog can enjoy some fresh air.

If you travel with a cat, be sure to keep it in its crate or to put her in a safety harness.

For transport by plane, get your dog or cat used to his crate before the big day. The crate must be large enough for him to stand up. Put his favorite blanket in it, and some toys so that he is comfortable. Gradually get him used to stay in his crate with the door closed and carry it so that he gets used to the transportation. Last but not least, choose a cage that will not open if it gets dropped or jostled during transport.

Pet care during the trip

It is best for your pet to travel with an empty stomach so that he doesn’t get too carsick. Therefore avoid feeding him the day of departure.

Make sure your pet has water readily accessible or stop every two hours so that he can walk a bit and drink.

Helping your pet adjust to his vacation spot

Before selecting your destination spot, make sure that the place allows pets. It is not advisable to take a dog that is not house broken on holiday.

Shortly before arriving, stop and walk your pet so that he is calm and has no urgent need for a bathroom break. Introduce him to the staff and enquire about the most appropriate place to walk him.

Once in your room, set up his blanket in a quiet corner and make sure he has fresh water available. Always put him on his leash before going out and if its size allows it, carry him outside to avoid any unfortunate accidents.

Follow these simple tips when traveling with your pet and everybody will enjoy an unforgettable holiday.