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Nov 2

Our visit at Blissdom Canada

This post is a bit overdue – I was supposed to write it at least a week ago. With so much going on at SOSsitter each day it was pushed back. You know the feeling of something that needs to be done and it is not done? It is getting heavier and launder each day. So today, a gloomy Friday here in Montreal, I decided to finally share the event with you, or more preciously my highlights. It was an exciting and fun event, and I am very glad I went.

Two weeks ago, I went for the very first time to Blissdom Canada, a blogging conference in Toronto. And what a conference it was! Packed with information and learnings with great workshop sessions (my Twitter technique should be much better now), providing incredible motivation boosts with smart speakers and PLENTY of opportunities to mingle and know other bloggers. I was able to put faces to quite a few known Twitter handles @mombizcoach, @bitofmomsense, @erinblaskie, and many more. For connecting and knowing bloggers, this is a really good place to be. And so much fun.

However, my highlight was the day after the event, where participants (me!!! 🙂 ) were invited to an excursion of their choice. I chose to go to GM’s plant for the #chevybliss event. It was, as my 7 year old would say, AWESOME!

The team at  GM had put all the stops for us – a real VIP treatment.  We had the opportunity to test drive great cars: loved the all electric Volt, the Camero (by far the favorite with a lot of ladies), the newest Buick (quite impressed by the interior), and few others. Then we saw how cars are designed, bits by bits, with a highly specialized software that just puts all the pieces together, and then we had my favorite bit – the obstacle course – or “See how this car breaks on a wet surface”.  The pictures do not do justice to the feeling of being a race car driver. 🙂

The #chevybliss visit was absolutely a Hoot. Lara Galloway, from #mombizcoach, was great to summarize our the excitement with several life Tweets from the event. 🙂

See you next time at Blissdom 2013!