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Sep 8

Organizing for School Success

Okay, so you are well on your way with your personal journey of getting organised, right? RIGHT?

But what about your kids? Are they organised enough to be successful in school? A cluttered workspace, backpack Child doing homeworkand brain will not provide the foundation for the success you and your child are hoping they will achieve. And regardless of the level of academic ambition, get the basics right:

  • Schedule homework time
    Having a set time each day during the week (and the weekends) when homework is done helps create a routine so your kids know when it is time to settle down and focus. Routines help!

  • Create a working space and keep it clean
    Each kid should have a desk or part of a table which is their designated work space. It should be keep clear of clutter and should be in the right environment (good lighting, comfortable chair, no television or other easy distractions nearby).

  • Have the right tools
    Technology is increasingly important for kids at school. Make sure your kids have the needed tablets and laptops and you understand how to access the designated sites. Be aware of wifi requirements as many assignment cannot be done offline.

  • Organise the paperwork (and digital files)
    Make sure you have folders and binders to manage all the paper and a system for using them, that backpacks are organised, and that old papers are moved to “archive” storage. All this is true for online files as well!

  • Have a calendar and checklist

Encourage your kids to use a calendar and make a to do list – essentials for school and life! If they are not good at it, you should drive this activity until they get the hang of it.

Remember, it’s okay to ask for help and get some additional support in managing the demands of keeping your home and family on track.