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Jan 5

New Year, New Nanny? Be Ready!

It is easy; some of our top tips follow:

House – ready!

With a new Nanny arriving, you will want to get your house in order. It does not require the “fresh coat of paint” that Nanny and childthe Queen of England requires but it will be easier to understand and get in synch with your systems if there is some order. And if your Nanny will be living in, be sure to make sure her room is ready – clean, fresh, and comfortable.

Nanny Notebook – ready!

What? You don’t know what a Nanny Notebook is? A Nanny Notebook is simply where you keep all the important information about your family: kids’ routines, medical information, important telephone numbers, and more.

It can be whatever you want it to be. You can also use it as a place for the Nanny to record important information, such as how much baby slept or ate.

You can make your own at home very easily, but you won’t be surprised you can even buy notebooks especially for this purpose!

Family – ready!

Your family will likely already be well aware that a new nanny is starting. Some say kids find this even easier than parents and get excited for someone new to bring fun change and adventure. Many find having the Nanny over a couple of times in advance for some structured engagement helps ease the transition for everyone. Enlist your kids to help with the tour of your home on Nanny’s first day and consider organising a fun activity for Nanny and the whole family as a nice welcome.

If you need a new Nanny but have not found one yet, you have come to the right place! We not only have a blog with all sorts of subjects important to parents today, but is also the place to find qualified nannies in your local area.  

If you are a nanny, we’ve got some tips to help make your first day a little easier!