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Feb 24

Nannies: Give a great interview with these unlikely tips from Mary Poppins!

Although Mary Poppins may seem a bit curt when she first arrives at the Banks household in the Disney movie we have all come to love, there are some valuable lessons to learn from her unusual interview style!

Arrive on time, not early

If you recall, there was a long line of nannies who showed up early for their interview with the formidable Mr. Banks. But there was only one nanny in line and perfectly on time: Mary Poppins. The lesson? An interview time is set intentionally; it does not charm anyone in a busy household when you show up early.

Do your research

Mary Poppins seems to arrive at the Banks household just as they need her most. Doing research in advance of the interview will ensure you are not only prepared but at an interview for a job you actually want to take. Consider the location of the family and what that will mean for your commute. Understand the core requirements of the job and the associated salary. You can even ask the family for references.

Don’t discuss other families

Although it is clear that Mary Poppins is very experienced, you rarely hear her talk of others and for good reason! The work you have done with other families will likely come up but do not use too many specifics that will identify the family and never speak ill of them.

Dress the part

Like Mary Poppins who goes straight from the interview to the job, come dressed as though you are ready to work. You will want to look clean and tidy but showing up in your Sunday best could make the family wonder if you are down to earth enough for their family.

Remember the kids

From the moment Mary Poppins arrives at the Banks, she is focused on the children – Michael and Jane – and their needs, even reciting their advertisement. If the kids are in the house when you interview, remember to engage with them!