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Mar 3

Marching quickly towards March Break: Are you ready?

Whether you call it Winter Break, March Break or Spring Break it is almost here!

But do not fret; whether you left it late or are planning on a ‘staycation’ this year, you still have time to make special plans so your kids will have a fantastic break!

The first thing you need to do is talk with your babysitters or nanny to make sure you are on the same page on their support over this period. If they will be with you over March Break, enlist their help to start planning a fun-filled week.

Some of our favourite ideas:

Local camps and special programs: Use Google to help you find out about what is offer – such as sports and craft camps – in your community this March Break.

Maple Syrup Festivals run in March and April: You probably remember eating real maple syrup off of blocks of snow when you were a kid. Maybe it is time to share that magic memory with your kids.

Life Skills: Use March Break is a chance to teach your kids some of the life skills you don’t find to time to work on during your normal hectic schedule. From basics in the kitchen to working in the garage and yard, think of ways to teach your kids some new skills and have fun working together.

Day ski trips: Research online for local ski slopes so you can have a one day or overnight ski vacation if you were not able to book the full week away.

Local Heroes, Adventures & Museums: Like many of us, we don’t find time day to day to take advantage of all our community has to offer. Well there is no excuse now! Whether it is a trip to the fire hall or local science centre or one of the smaller, more specialised museums, make a schedule and get out there and experience all your community has to offer!

And remember… to maximize the fun and please everyone, get your kids and babysitters or nannies involved in planning a great March Break!