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Feb 8

Loving Nanny: Will You be My Valentine?

Valentine’s Day is about telling and showing the people you love and care for – and who love and care for you – how Tell nanny you love her: Valentine's Dayyou feel.  A loving Nanny certainly falls into that category so make sure he or she is on your list! Here are some of our favourite ideas for showing your Nanny how you feel this Valentine’s Day:

  • A homemade valentine, crafted with love, especially for a loving Nanny.
  • Cupcakes or cookies you know Nanny loves.
  • An invitation to your loving Nanny to join the family celebration.
  • A skit depicting the ways Nanny cares for the family or recent adventures.
  • A collage of favourite pictures of the kids and Nanny. Lots of stickers and sparkles recommended!

But why not use the good china every day? Or in other words, there are things you can do every day to make a loving Nanny feel like the valued and loved member of the family that he or she is already. No need to wait for a holiday! Let your imagination run wild; some ideas to get you started follow:

  • A heartfelt thank you – whether in person, by email or text, or good old fashion snail mail. It does not matter how but showing appreciation for all Nanny does for the family (both day to day and the above and beyond extras) is the number one thing you can do to make Nanny feel a part of the family.
  • Tell Nanny he or she is part of the family!
  • A text to check in – say hello and we miss you! – when Nanny is away.
  • Telling your family, friends and neighbours how great Nanny is (as they inevitably tell Nanny!).
  • Keeping Nanny’s favourite snacks in the cupboard or sodas in the fridge.
  • Remembering Nanny’s special occasions such as birthdays.
  • Asking Nanny is he or she needs anything when running out to do errands.

It is important to say that all of this should be in addition to a solid relationship in which expectations, remuneration (pay and benefits) and performance is communicated about openly and fairly.

Looking for a local nanny or babysitter? Look no further!

So how about it Nanny? Will you be my Valentine?  xo