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May 4

Looking for an ideal Summer Sitter?

What should you look for in a summer sitter?

Beyond the usual qualities you are looking for in a nanny, summer sitters must have specific skills to ensure that your child will securely enjoy summer activities.

She should be enthusiastic with high energy, willing to make light meals, do some light housekeeping, and have a driver’s license and possibly a car. Ideally, a summer sitter should have CPR training and water safety training. To help you out to select a good summer sitter, we have put together a checklist of the qualities you should be looking for in a summer sitter.

Summer is a very active season for kids (and grown ups!), filled with outdoor activities and opportunities to have fun. Therefore there are some important qualities that a summer sitter should have in order to care for your child or children in the best possible way. Hopefully, your regular sitter will fit this profile, but if not, you may need to look for a different sitter for the summer.
Desirable characteristics

Taking care of children in the summer months requires energy, stamina and enthusiasm. Your summer sitter must have many specific attributes but these are of the utmost importance. Summer days can seem long, and there are several months and a variety of activities to deal with. If your sitter enjoys staying indoor, she might be perfect for winter months but not for the summer season. Summer provides an opportunity for children to do activities that may not be available, or that they may not have time for, during the school year. You want your child to be able to take advantage of this valuable time, not waste it watching TV.

You summer sitter will probably be with your child for a good portion of the day. Therefore it is essential to have a sitter that is willing and able to make meals and provide snacks for your child. The summer sitter should also do some light housekeeping to keep your home orderly and clean. Finding someone that is willing and able to do both is a necessity.

Because summer is a time when children get to spend extended periods of time playing outside, there will be the inevitable sunburns, bee stings, and falls and scrapes to deal with. Therefore, finding a sitter with a CPR certificate is quite important. A sitter with first aid training can provide immediate assistance.

One of the best aspects of summer is the opportunity for children to swim. Swimming and playing at a pool is a great way for your child to spend some time outside getting exercise. It is also an opportunity for your child to develop or improve upon his / her swimming skills, and to see friends or make some new ones. But, taking children to a pool is a big responsibility. It is recommended that a summer sitter have water safety training so that your child will be safe.