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Feb 16

Keeping Kids Busy

Whether it’s a holiday, PA day or a “too cold to go outside today” day, there are lots of ways to keep your kids busy when they are not in school. We have found that the best way to make these days fun – for the kids as well as for the parents, nanny or babysitter – is to plan ahead and to get your kids engaged. This means you will not be at loose ends and that your kids will have ownership for their day. There are tons of great ideas online so start Googling!  Kids cooking for fun

Some of our favourite ideas include:

  • Too cold outside? What about an indoor snowball fight? White sheets on the furniture make snow drifts and white sport socks make great snowballs. Just be sure to move that fragile and expensive vase from your mother in law out of the way before you get started!
  • Kids’ fancy dress dinner party! Nanny and the kids can plan and prepare a fancy (well – relatively fancy!) meal for the family, design the theme and invitations and even help all find the costumes by raiding closets, the Halloween collection and dress up chest.
  • Board days, not bored days! Dig out all of the old board games, the deck of cards or the puzzle you have not gotten to yet. This can provide hours of fun for the whole family!


  • The show must go on! Children’s imaginations are vast and a great way to see this in action is a play written and acted by kids. Set up a “stage” area in the living room and chairs for the audience.


  • Cookies and cakes and pies oh my! Baking is a great way to keep the kids entertained and to start teaching them about cooking. The yummy treats are the cherry on top!
  • Find your inner artist! What kid doesn’t love doing arts and crafts? If your supplies are dwindling or you just need some things that are new and fun, hit your local crafts store for inexpensive items like stickers and colour paper and glue. And then let your kids do the rest.

Let the fun begin!,

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