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Jul 31

It takes two to Tango: tips to keep your Nanny

Finding the perfect nanny for your household is great, but getting her to stay with you is even better.  We have compiled the five ‘basics’ that provide the foundation for an effective and happy relationship with your nanny:

1. Set clear expectations and give feedback

Like it any job, it is difficult to know what to do and what good looks like without clear expectations. Set out what you expect from your nanny from the start. Give positive feedback when things are going well and constructive feedback when things need to improve or change.

2. An organized home is a happy home

Does your nanny’s workplace help them do the best job possible? Your home – like any workplace – should be clean and organized and should run to a reasonable schedule.

3. Timeliness

Be on time, always! Respect your nannies time just as you expect him or her to respect yours. And remember, if her work day ends at 6pm, your nanny thinks about the time he or she leaves your house  – not the time that you arrive home to discuss the day.

4. Let them do their jobs

Excessive oversight makes your nanny and children uncomfortable.  Also, remember where their job ends – if it is not to look after your visiting relatives, to do the hard cleaning, to take care of the pets – don’t expect them to do it.

5. Pay Them for the job

Every family is looking for ways to save within a tight budget; skimping on your nanny is not the place to save. If you don’t give your nanny fair pay, another family will! Perks are welcome too. And remember, a good salary is only appreciated if paid on time.

As with everything in life, it is all about communication, communication, and communication. With good communication, you and your nanny can find your way through any situation.