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Oct 14

Is Your Home Ready for Winter?

Yep, that’s right, winter! It might feel like summer just ended but it is already time to start getting your home and yard ready for the winter months. Don’t be caught out by an early snow or drop in temperate; prepare for the winter months now and then you can enjoy them with the enthusiasm of a kid getting out of school for a snow day!

To help you get started, we created a list of things you can do now – indoors, outdoors and getting out – to be ready for Jack Frost to arrive:


  • Have your heating system (whether boiler, furnace, wood stove, etc. ) serviced
  • Use caulking to close cracks in windows and doors to keep the drafts out and lower your heating bills
  • Clean out the fridge (half used summer salad dressings) and freezer (ice lollies) to make room for winter foods
  • Buy a humidifier if you find your home gets dry with the heating running in the winter
  • Get out blankets and comforters and give them a wash or hang out side if they need to be aired
  • Have your fire place and chimney cleaned
  • Hire a housekeeper! can help you find someone for a big annual clean or to support you regularly


  • Get covers for your patio furniture
  • Clean the leaves and dirt out of eaves troughs or gutters
  • Trim perennial flowers and clear out dead leaves from flower beds
  • Rake the leaves from the yard and keeping cutting the grass until the first frost
  • Trim trees that could easy fall under the weight of ice or during a storm

Getting out

  • Make sure that your shed is accessible (now and when it snows!) and that it is stocked with salt and shovels
  • Get your car ready with boots, salt, shovels and a blanket
  • Get out the chains for your tires or set-up the appointment to get your winter tires out on
  • Pull out your winter clothes – coats, hats, gloves, scarves, heavy coats and snow suits

Follow these tips and you will be ready to welcome Old Man Winter with open arms!