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Oct 14

How to Find the Best Housekeeper?

It’s not always easy to find a housekeeper who is reliable, competent, discreet, and honest. But with a little patience, and by using the right search tools, it’s possible to find that hidden gem quickly. This article explains how.

The best housekeeper doing her daily tasks

How to find a housekeeper: where to search?

Checking the classified ads (whether it’s in the newspaper, on Kijiji or LesPAC, or elsewhere) isn’t a safe option for finding a housekeeper. Indeed, anyone can claim to be a housekeeper in order to gain access to your home during your absence. In this type of advertisement, the criminal record isn’t checked, and the person could have bad intentions.

Doing business with housekeeping companies, which employ many household cleaning employees, could be a safer option to consider. But the cost of the housekeeper (or housekeeping team) is often very high, since the owner of the agency retains a portion of their employees’ wages.

Unlike housekeeping companies, SOSsitter puts individuals who want household cleaning services in touch with housekeepers who are available in their city. The criminal records are checked on request, the hourly rates are indicated (each housekeeper has their own rate), references from former clients are provided, and you know how many years of experience each candidate possesses.

How does SOSsitter work?

By registering on the SOSsitter site, you will have access to a list of many housekeepers who have filled out a complete profile with a photo. Up to twenty search criteria will allow you to find the housekeeper you need. 

You can also create a job offer indicating which types of household chores you want to have done and how often (each week, every two weeks, or once a month). The candidates who serve your city will then contact you right away.

Finding your house cleaner through SOSsitter also makes it safe and easy to pay your new employee via our online booking system.

What are the rates for a housekeeper?

The hourly rate for household cleaning depends on each housekeeper. An agency employing several housekeepers will set a standard hourly rate, but for independent housekeepers, this rate is at their discretion.

Per hour, the rate may range from $15 to $35 (or more) depending on the housekeeper’s experience. You should therefore take the necessary time to hire a housekeeper with an affordable hourly rate.

Bed made by the best housekeeper for you

Qualities to look for in a housekeeper

A good housekeeper should possess many qualities.


If you’ve never hired a house cleaner before, you’re probably nervous about the idea of a stranger coming to clean your home, so it’s essential to know how to find a housekeeper who is truly honest.

Some homeowners are present when the housekeeper comes to work in their home, but most give them a key to the house so that the cleaning can be done while they’re away. A criminal record check is recommended in this case, as well as getting references from former clients.


The housekeeper you hire must be present in your home on the date and time agreed on with you. In addition, they must follow your instructions and lock the doors again before they leave.


The housekeeper you choose must be able to offer impeccable service.

When you come back home, you must be 100% satisfied with the cleanliness of the place. “Cutting corners” is literally forbidden when it comes to household cleaning services!

Good intentions 

A housekeeper must want to please their employers and bring them the joy of living in a clean home. You’re delegating your household chores because you already have enough work, and this will take a huge weight off your shoulders.

A well-intentioned housekeeper is happy that their work can help you.


Discretion is an important quality to look for in a housekeeper. You will sometimes be at home when they come to clean, and you expect the work to be done without them watching you or asking you personal questions.

What work can be done by the housekeeper?

Do you want to know how to find a housekeeper who will be able to carry out exactly the work you want done? SOSsitter lets you post a personalized job offer that will be seen by many candidates. There, you can list all the household chores you want to have done.

The tasks usually performed by a housekeeper include:

  • vacuuming and washing the floors;
  • cleaning the surfaces (counters, stove, refrigerator, etc.);
  • cleaning the bathrooms;
  • washing the patio door windows;
  • cleaning the inside and outside of the microwave; 
  • dusting the furniture;
  • making the beds;
  • etc.

On request, the housekeeper can clean the inside of the refrigerator and the stove, do the laundry and ironing, and even prepare meals. They can empty the dishwasher and wash the windows and walls. Each employer has their own requirements, and the chosen housekeeper must adapt to them.

Some housekeepers have their own cleaning tips, but you can determine which cleaning products will be used for each surface. Generally, it’s the employer who provides these products, as well as the cleaning tools and equipment.

Register on SOSsitter

To find experienced candidates to carry out your household cleaning quickly and easily, register on the site today.

That way, you will be able to look for a housekeeper who meets your specific criteria. In addition, you can safely pay your chosen housekeeper through our online payment system.