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May 14

How Canadian men feel as Dads

As a female, it is so natural to become a mother. Our make up is geared towards it. But how do men feel about parenthood? I always wondered…

Are they enjoying it? Do they feel part of it? Is it important to them? Family Parent Father Son

Well, I saw some light on the issue with the publication of a National Survey in the June’s Today’s Parent, called “The State of Fatherhood”. More than 1000 fathers across the nation were asked various opinions forming one simple question – “What’s it like to be a Dad in 2010?”

The results are surprisingly positive (at least for me), as Dads, in households where both parents work, share almost equally the responsibilities and joys of parenthood. And they just love it!

I will let you discover all the interesting findings by yourselves – “The State of Fatherhood”. Thank you Dads!