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Mar 31

Help your senior loved ones stay home longer with caregivers you can trust

Your beloved Mom or Dad, or other senior loved one, does not want to give up his or her independence, which is understandable. Although there are many wonderful options for full time care available today, making that step is a big one for many and one that they may want to put off as long as possible.

Sit down with your senior loved one, and his or her caregiver if already employed and consider the factors that indicate whether staying at home is possible. And if you are just starting to look for a senior caregiver, you will want to consider how to find someone with whom you are comfortable entrusting the care of your loved one.

It may sound daunting but if you face it head on, you can make good decisions. And to get you started we have included some questions below that you will want to ask yourself!

Considerations for staying at home or going into full time care

Medical conditions – what are the physical and psychological needs and can they be managed with support in the home?

Emergency care – is there easy access to emergency care should it be needed?

Community & Support – does the area have access to caregivers and community support?

Finding a senior caregiver you can trust

If you are just starting to look, talk to others who have a senior caregiver

Utilize the services of specialised websites and agencies to find qualified and experienced senior caregivers and always check references

Be honest about the conditions of your senior loved one and the requirements of the job and keep the dialogue going as needs can change quickly with seniors

Ensure the caregiver has the training required, whether to provide the physical or psychological support need

Organize the house to make sure health and safety needs both for your loved one and the caregiver are met

Build a schedule that allows the caregiver sufficient time away to recharge

Make a change if your senior loved one does not feel there is the ‘right fit’