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Aug 21

Help for kids to get the Back to School seem like a breeze

I am a practical girl and I like to simplify my life as much as possible. In the parenting area as well. I am reading a great book by Vicki Lansky, Practical Parenting Tips (Meadowbrook Press) that has plenty of really good tips (a great resource), especially help for kids by parents on how to get the Back to School time easier on everyone.

Back to School is a season of change with lots of adjustments to make for parents and kids alike. Here are 9 tips, straight from the book, that the author is suggesting as help for kids to smooth into Back to School. Some of them are funny but they just make sense!

  • Prepare for school the night before. Set the breakfast table and select an outfit.
  • Set a timer to alert your child when it is time to gather belongings and leave for school.
  • Sew nametags into clothing, especially coats or gym clothes.
  • Tape milk money to the inside of your child’s lunch bag or box, so he or she will not lose it.
  • Teach your child to wait for the bus driver’s signal when crossing the street.
  • Save empty paper towel tubes for carrying important papers or paintings to school.
  • With young children, pin notes to the teacher onto your child’s clothing.
  • Have a parent who works outside the home drop off your child at school or at the bus stop. Your child will be accustomed to saying good-bye to that parent, so it won’t cause trauma.
  • Don’t forget to ask your child about school activities the day before.

Being organized and practical will take out the stress out of the daily routine. And, by the way, if you have your Nanny preparing the kids to school, share those tips with her!