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Feb 23

Get the Relationship you Want with your Caregiver/ Employer

The relationship between caregivers and their employers and / or person they are caring for is an important one to nanny and maother talkingget right. And like any relationship it requires – you got it – hard work! But it is hard work that pays off.

To help in your pursuit of nurturing this relationship, we have created a list with some of the basics. Remember that this is a two way street, so the tips apply to both caregivers and the employers!

  • Be on time – Being late once or twice is understandable but habitual tardiness is not on. It signals that you do not respect the person who is waiting for you; is that what you want to convey? If you have talked about this issue to no avail, start setting the meeting time earlier that required. In other words, build in time for lateness!
  • Be tidy – When there is more than one person sharing a space, it can get pretty messy, pretty quickly. And before you know it is anarchy! Keep it tidy and clean and help those around you do the same.
  • Be fairFair pay rates and terms of employment should be a given as should giving a fair days work.
  • Do what you say you will doIt is a simple as that. If you say you will do something (or stop doing something), stay true to your word!
  • Be pleasant – Everyone has hard days from time to time or experiences frustrations. This can be even more true when a loved one has special needs or extra jobs are required to pay for care. Remind yourself that adding stress and a sharp tongue will not make things better, just the contrary!

And of course, open and honest communication is what keeps things on track. So talk it out!

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