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Dec 17

Fun Holiday Activities for the Entire Family

Article by:  Sarah Danielson for, Canada’s trusted source for camps and schools.

The end of the year brings many things: cold weather, long lines at stores, and a lot of extra stress.  However, it also brings the holidays and long-awaited quality time with your family.

If you’re like most people, you’re so busy with shopping for gifts, planning parties, and doing everything you can to make the holiday season special for your loved ones that you may have lost sight of what’s really important: the time you spend with them.

So if you’re looking for ways to make your family happy, why not try some traditional activities that all of you can do together?  Here are a few ways to ensure that everyone has fun this season (including you)!

1.  Deck the halls. Decorating your home for the holidays shouldn’t be a solo mission.  Gather the whole family to trim the tree, make a wreath, hang lights, and put out all the traditional decorations that make this season special for your family.  You can remember holidays past and make some new memories for years to come.

2.  Get sweet.  Most people would agree that the sweet treats that come with the holidays are one of the best parts of celebrating.  And you can use the temptation of these sugary goodies to entice even the most anti-social of teens into spending time with the family.  Pull out the recipes for everyone’s favorite cookies and fire up the stove to start feeling festive.

3.   Sing your heart out. There’s no better way to spread the joy of the season than by going caroling.  So tune up and head out to sing for your neighbors.  If your family is fairly gifted, you can practice up a bit to get some harmonies going.  If the best you can do is carry a tune, think about inviting other family and friends along.  What you lack in vocal stylings you can make up for with gusto.

4.   Tell a tale. Watching a movie can definitely help to pass the time, but why not try something a little different (and less mindless) by reading a traditional holiday story by the fire?  Cuddle up with mugs of hot chocolate and settle in for a long winter’s nap with a recital of The Night Before Christmas.  Or if you’re looking for longevity, read A Christmas Carol over several nights leading up to the holiday.

5.   Hone your craft. Rather than purchasing impersonal manufactured gifts for your family and friends, go the extra mile and make something instead.  The whole family can get creative and put their skills to use to make ornaments or other handmade gifts for grandparents, aunts, uncles, and so on that will appreciate the sentiment. Here are some cheap and easy holiday craft ideas.

6.   Do a good deed.  Use the season of giving as a reason to do a good deed by making a donation of your time.  Collect boxes of food or gifts to take to the local shelter, volunteer to cook and hand out food, or use your singing skills to lift the spirits of those who are less fortunate this season.

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