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Aug 5

Full Day Kindergarten: Preparing for a Good Start

If your child is starting Full Day Kindergarten this autumn, there are a number of things you (and your nanny or babysitters) can do to get them ready. We have compiled a ‘primer’ to get you started:

Preparing for a change of Pace

Your child is going to be away from home and you or your nanny for a full day. Start to get them ready for this difference in their schedule by arranging some long days out. Make note if they seem to need more sleep to keep up this pace and make shifts to bed times.

Managing on their own

Has your child ever been responsible for looking after his or her own belongings? Start helping your child to understand that he or she needs to look after their back pack and bags. Get them used to putting papers or other items in their bag so you can cut down on chasing lost items and notes from the teacher.

Time to cut

Kindergarten will involve pens and markers and scissors and more! Does your child have the motor skills for this type of activity? Ask your nanny or babysitters to increase the amount of time devoted to ‘arts and crafts’.

Thinking Logically, Speaking Clearly

Start spending more times looking at the words in the books you read your kids, instead of just looking at the pictures. Talk to them about the book. When they speak, ask them to speak clearly.

Playing Nice

How does your child interact with other kids and adults? Look for opportunities to teach your child about ‘team work’ and how to listen to and follow instructions.

This – the formal start of your child’s education – is a big moment. Help them start right following our ‘primer’. If you are not sure if your child is on track, ask your pre-school teacher, doctor or nanny for their view. You can also ask the kindergarten teacher for tips on getting ready. But whatever you do – stay calm and remember if your kid is lagging in one area, he or she will have time to improve.

Class is in session!