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Jan 19

Five Things You Can do to Put your Pet at Ease While you are Away

Going off on a skiing holiday or maybe somewhere warm? Sounds great! But what about your beloved pet? Just the dog in a suitcasethought of the look in his or her eyes as you head out with your suitcases is enough to make you think twice. You know what is going on in that sweet, furry little head: “My bags are packed! I am ready to go to! You are not leaving me, are you?!”

Leaving a pet behind, even for a weekend, is not easy. But there are ways to make it easier for both you and your beloved pet. Here are five things you can do to put your pet at ease while you are away:

Use a pet sitter

  • Visit to find a pet sitter near you. You and your pet will feel more comfortable if you are able to leave your pet with someone who is going to be fully focused on making sure he or she is fed, watered and loved.

Keep your pet at home

  • Some pet sitters will come to your home, whilst others will keep your pet at their home. Whilst both are good alternatives to a kennel with lots of animals, ask if your pet sitter can stay at your house so your pet is kept in the same comfortable environment.

Do introductions in advance of the trip

  • If possible, have your pet sitter come over for a ‘play date’ with your pet in advance of your trip.

Keep routines

  • Isn’t it amazing how your dog always knows when it is dinner time, even without the ability to read a clock! The more that your pet sitter can stick to the routines your pet is used to – feeding, walking, going outside, lights out, etc. – the less change he or she has to deal with.

Give thorough information

  • Give your pet sitter as much information about your pet as possible. And provide contact details so if any questions do arise you can be reached easily.

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