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May 5

Five things you can do to make Mother’s Day truly special

It has been said that “A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.” Mothers are so special and there is no better day than Mother’s Day to make them feel that way!

We have gathered five really easy things you can do to make Mother’s Day one she will not soon forget. These can be prepared with the help of Dad or it is great to get the nanny and babysitters involved in helping the kids as well! Have fun!

Find creative ways to say thank you and that you love her!

You can go for the tried and true approach of making cards and notes that you can leave around the house using construction paper and crayons. Or you can go totally modern and leave voicemails, texts, tweets, posts on Facebook and even do your own video!

Mom & You – Put your favourite picture of you and Mom in a picture frame that you decorate. If you do not have a picture you feel is perfect for Mother’s Day, set up your very own photo shot with Mom on Mother’s Day! The photographer can be Dad or a professional if you want to go that far!

World’s Greatest Mom List – Start a list of the wonderful things she does and keep adding to it year after year!

Mompons – Make Mom coupons for her to spend on the day or whenever she wants. Ideas include cleaning your room, a extra hug or doing the laundry.

And of course…. the classic:

Breakfast in Bed: Moms are usually the first one up in the morning as they are busy making sure no one else oversleeps and getting back packs and lunches prepared. On Mother’s Day, beat her to the punch and have breakfast in bed ready for her. Also have everyone ready for school so she does not need to worry – and don’t forget to make the lunches!

Above all, be sure that she has a Happy Mother’s Day!